• iDrugSafety Pharmacovigilance Database

    Comply with the latest international and domestic standards, and cooperate with the pharmacovigilance system to improve the efficiency of pharmacovigilance work

  • Rapid reporting of safety data during clinical trials

    Provides solutions for drug safety in the clinical trial phase, and supports the electronic direct reporting CDE center

  • pharmacovigilance system construction

    Have international/domestic senior pharmacovigilance experts to help enterprises quickly establish a pharmacovigilance system

  • collect information

    Assist customers in developing and hosting call centers, WeChat, app, websites and other channels to collect drug adverse events

  • Case Processing

    Service personnel with many years of clinical and pharmacovigilance experience can conduct medical coding, medical examination and other case processing services.

  • Medical Writing

    Assist in writing FDAAR, DSUR, PSUR and other drug warning reports

  • Risk Management

    Artificial intelligence assists with signal detection and assists customers in developing risk management plans, risk minimization measures, etc.

  • Data Handling

    We can help pharmaceuticals transforming past paper data to electronic, structured and standardized data.

  • Medical Review

    Pharmacovigilance doctor with extensive clinical experience provides professional medical review services for pharmaceutical companies



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Date 18 March 2018 Categories iDrugSafety 药物警戒系统

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