Journal Assistant

Integrity Solution

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies worldwide choose to partner with MedSci because we understand the global medical communications landscape and have a proven record in the successful dissemination of technically rigorous and compliant scientific documents. MedSci believes in helping its customers scale the farthest reach of their vision by equipping them with therapeutic expertise and integrated software to translate scientific evidence into commercial success.
In keeping with its mission of advancing global science ethically, MedSci empowers its team of scientific experts through rigorous training and education on good publication practice and industry standards. This means that our customers will find a trusted advisor in any of our 80+ medical communication experts spread across offices in the China.

Key Features
  • Develop medical publications that disseminate data from industry-sponsored clinical trials; educate on disease areas with accuracy, transparency, and fair balance; and serve to support healthcare practitioners in making informed patient-care decisions.
  • Serve clients through a global network of specialists with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, clinical practice, and medical communications.
  • Build trust-based, enduring relationships with clients.


Journal Assistant

Journal Assistant helps you get published in the right journal in minimal time.

  • Weekly Updates

  • Journal Assistant is updated weekly giving you immediate access to the latest details to get your manuscript published on time and within budget. A feedback form lets you contact your dedicated support team to add new profiles.
  • Precise Profiles

  • With detailed profiles providing lead times, open access details, ISI IFs, and much more, great information is just a few clicks away. Profiles can be exported to share with other team members or inserted in presentations.
  • Great Value

  • Journal Assistant is guaranteed to deliver value by ensuring that teams make the correct decisions with minimal effort every time. Special pricing options fit the needs of large or small companies. You will love it!